Six Reasons You Should Buy a Sam the Concrete Man Franchise

Sam the Concrete Man is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the home improvement space. In 2021, they added over 25 locations across the U.S. ranging from places like Austin, Texas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our franchisees enjoy great amounts of freedom in their lifestyle, an above-average income, superior work-life balance, and they are helping build communities in their local region. Here are just 6 reasons why becoming a franchisee with Sam the Concrete Man may be a great idea for you!

#1: You Get to Be Your Own Boss

Sam the Concrete Man franchises get to have full control over their business, from hiring to taking time off. For example, after you successfully build the business from the ground up, you may decide to offload your responsibilities to someone else and act more as an investor than a daily operator. You may also choose to take 3 months a year off! In contrast to other franchise models, you may have less freedom. Chick-fil-a for example does not allow you to hire someone else to operate the store – you must physically be there if you wish to continue operating as the owner. Taking vacations is almost impossible in this circumstance as well. That’s why Sam the Concrete Man may be a better choice for you – if you truly value your independence to own a business and be your own boss. 

#2: Work-Life Balance

The norm for many Sam the Concrete Man franchisees is to work 9 months a year – usually March to November, taking 3 months off in the winter to travel or spend time with family. Because the concrete industry can be subject to seasonality, you make most of your profits during warm weather months. Depending on your local climate, you may choose to work 12 months a year, which would allow your potential income to skyrocket furthermore. Every franchisee however has the ability to create a work-life balance that works for them, personally and financially. A common mantra among the franchisee community at Sam the Concrete Man is “work hard, play hard”. Besides the ability to vacation for ¼ of the year, the corporate office in Denver is closed on weekends, which means franchisees can enjoy weekends off like a typical 9-5 job – but with much more income potential.

#3 Income Potential

The average income potential for Sam the Concrete Man franchisees who’ve been operating full-time for longer than one year is $158,108. This number was also taken from our previous 2021 sales report. With that income potential, you may want to consider expanding your business and buying extensions. With more territory to cover, your business can grow and scale to reach more customers within your local region. At this stage of growth, hiring another estimator would be necessary, whether a family member or someone you feel is right for the job. Expanding your service areas, can improve your income potential furthermore, so the sky is the limit when it comes to making a more-than-average wage with Sam the Concrete Man!

#4 Equity in the Business

As your business builds more brand awareness and has a proven track record of success in your local area, instead of expanding you may consider a profitable exit strategy. Sam the Concrete Man not only provides a great way to get started making money, but by building brand recognition in your area, you create a great investment opportunity for other possible stakeholders. When you sell a franchise, you’re not just selling the territory but the local reputation you’ve built all along the way. 

#5 Support & Training

Starting a business on your own is a difficult undertaking, even for those who have experience doing it. However, when you buy a franchise from Sam the Concrete Man, you have unparalleled support in maximizing and achieving your financial and personal goals. The marketing department at Sam the Concrete Man is there for you, providing cutting-edge tactics in SEO, PPC, SMM (social media management). The operations department will help you get onboarded and will keep you abreast on your quarterly and yearly numbers, as well as coach you on your business to improve bottom-line sales. And finally, you have a 24/7 available call center that provides amazing customer service sets you up for success when you meet with the customer in person. When you become a franchisee, you get to be your own boss, and you get to do it with people who care about your success, too.

#6 Helping Customers Achieve Their Dreams

At its core, Sam the Concrete Man’s mission is a promise to deliver quality products and amazing customer service to help homeowners achieve their home improvement dreams. Our slogan in the franchising community is the following: “transforming homeowners’ lives, one cubic yard at a time”… Thus when you become a Sam the Concrete Man franchisee, you get to be a proud member of your local community. Concrete is a very real and functional need in your community without question. When you help build a school parking lot, a neighbor’s backyard patio or replace a crumbling driveway – you get to feel good about the work you do, every single day. 

Become a Sam the Concrete Man Franchisee

Becoming a Sam the Concrete Man franchise is an excellent opportunity for self-starters who care about bettering their communities and want to achieve a better work-life balance. Whether your reasons to become a franchise are personal or financial, our sales representatives who are highly proficient in the franchising sphere are here to help guide you and answer any questions you have. Get in touch with one of our sales representatives to learn more!