Three Types of Owners at Sam the Concrete Man

Sam the Concrete Man is revolutionizing how concrete is done. With the rapid growth of 20 new franchisees in 2021 alone, the company led by Todd Stewart remains one-of-a-kind among not only the franchisee community but the concrete space as well. Sam the Concrete Man abides by two overarching values which are superior customer service and quality products made to last. If you’re considering becoming a franchisee, whether, with Sam the Concrete Man or another franchise, you may want to consider whether you want to be an operator, partner, or investor long-term. We hope this article helps you plan your path to becoming one!

The Owner / Operator

When you’re first getting started, you will be learning new things every day and getting your hands dirty with the many moving parts of owning a business. For example, a typical franchisee in their first year will learn how to manage sub-contractors, bid concrete projects, and improve their closing rate. Nailing these aspects of running a concrete business down is pivotal to your long-term success. If you’re the type of person who likes to take on full control over your business while staying busy with day-to-day tasks, then you’re like 90% of Sam the Concrete Man franchisees who grow personally and financially in their roles as business owners.

The Partnership

Many franchisees enter Sam the Concrete Man with another business partner, assuming joint control over their agreed-upon territory. One positive aspect of going into business with a partner is you have more flexibility over your day-to-day life. If you have other non-negotiable responsibilities – like taking care of your family or running another business on certain days of the week, your partner can fill in on those days. Also together you could bring your unique strengths to the table and only take on certain responsibilities. One person might be in charge of sales while another does administrative tasks, etc.  Some negative aspects include that you split half your income two ways. Also, if you go into business with the wrong person, then your business may suffer as a consequence for obvious reasons.

The Investor

After some years of operating the business, franchisees may become investors of the business rather than day-to-day operators. Investing in a Sam the Concrete Man franchise can be highly lucrative and requires little action beyond paying employees and ensuring smooth operations. Franchisees may consider this route after they’ve had years of success on the ground floor running the business, so they are able to effectively train someone to take over most daily responsibilities. You may even decide to sell the business down the line if your interest in the company wanes, or decide to move on to different things.

Become a Sam the Concrete Man Franchisee

Sam the Concrete Man franchisees take on many shapes and forms – but at the end of the day, our franchisees are hard-working people who care about bettering their community. Our franchisees also enjoy making a great wage without having to start their own business, which requires significant overhead and resources to accomplish. If you’re considering buying a Sam the Concrete Man franchise, get in touch with our sales representatives – Ronnie and Lewis, who are highly experienced in the franchising world and can give you more direction.

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