How James Demoney Owner of Sam The Concrete Man Sugar Land is Revitalizing Houston

James Demoney Helps Revitalize Houston During the Drought

Written By: Lindsey Vandenberg | Digital Marketing Specialist | Updated August 28, 2023

The greater Houston area is experiencing severe droughts affecting the environment and infrastructure. Whether it is burned up grass, low water lines in lakes and ponds, or cracked concrete, residents in the area are being affected. James Demoney, owner of Sam The Concrete Man Sugar Land, is taking charge to rejuvenate the damaged concrete.  

James Demoney – Beacon of Hope for Houstonians

Even though the environmental impacts are out of our control, James has recognized the urgency of the infrastructure situation and is eager to take action. The dedicated owner of Sam The Concrete Man Sugar Land is using his expertise to replace damaged concrete for the safety of many residents in the area. Once concrete begins cracking, it usually escalates to larger cracks where the resolution requires a concrete crew. The most common question is ‘What is causing the cracking?’   


“You have clay soil that is getting as hard as the concrete when it’s dry. It shrinks and the concrete, as it’s building up and storing all the heat from during the day, it’s wanting to expand, but in a lot of cases, especially with roadways, it has nowhere to go,” said James Demoney, owner of Sam The Concrete Man Sugar Land. 

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Community Collaboration

Many residents, businesses, and organizations are working together to support the efforts being made to rejuvenate the community. James is proud to be able to offer concrete solutions amidst the challenges posed by the drought. By leveraging his knowledge and resources, he is taking a community focused initiative to replace damaged concrete for the safety of the residents and the city’s overall recovery.  

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