The Values of Franchising

Franchising Basics: The Values of Being A part of a Franchise

Written By: Lindsey Vandenberg | Digital Marketing Specialist | Updated September 7, 2023 

In the business world there are entrepreneurs and franchisees. Entrepreneurs anticipate consumer needs and use their skills to bring new ideas to market. They undertake the risks associated with creating new businesses and incur all the initial costs. Franchisees on the other hand invest in a well-developed franchise business model and represent that established brand. They see a business opportunity and have a can-do approach. It’s important to understand the difference so you know which path will align with your goals and values more! 

Are you ready to start a business or own a business?

If you’re interested in starting your own business from scratch, franchising is not for you. However, if you have a dream of running and owning a business with lower financial risk, then franchising could potentially be an excellent fit! Keep in mind your goals as a business owner and what you value most out of a business when searching for the right franchising opportunity.  

The Values of Franchising

There are many benefits to franchising which is why it’s such a viable and attractive option for individuals looking to own a business. 


  1. Proven Business Model: One of the great benefits of franchising is the successful business model that comes with it. The franchisor has already spent time and resources figuring out what does and does not work. Sam The Concrete Man has worked on a system for 30+ years, defining certain procedures and methods to ensure a successful and profitable business. A great business model will consist of five components: marketing, operations, management (customer and sub-contractor), financial management, and technical delivery. Every business must have proven successful relationships with these five integral pieces. 
  2. Established Brand Reputation: Franchisees operate under a recognized and well-established brand name. Sam The Concrete Man has been around since 1989 creating an attractive brand for customers and franchisees. This is vital because customers are more likely to do business with someone they know they can trust, which leads to faster growth and profitability. Creating a business from scratch is time consuming and expensive, making franchising an appealing option for those who want to leverage an established brand. 
  3. Training and Support: This is important because as a new business owner you need to learn a lot about not just the business, but how to run one. Evaluating the training process of a business is another way to decide whether they are going to be a good fit for you. Sam The Concrete Man works hard to create an in-depth training week, so franchisees are comfortable and confident moving forward. With ongoing support, you are guaranteed assistance in marketing, operations, estimates, and more. Franchisees benefit from the expertise of the franchisor, reducing the learning curve and increasing the likelihood of being successful. This training and support system can be invaluable, especially for individuals who have very little experience in owning a business. 
  4. Economies of Scale: Franchises take advantage of economies of scale that individual businesses may not be able to access. Centralized marketing and shared resources among the franchisees can lead to a competitive advantage in the market. This collective power helps franchisees thrive in their local markets. 
  5. Access to financing: Being a part of a franchise opens doors to better financing options than if you were to start a business by yourself. Many banks and lenders are willing to loan money to an entity that has shown previous success. There are many financing options, take the time to research which one is best for your situation. This access to financing makes franchising more valuable and attainable for many individuals. 
  6. Flexibility and Ownership: While franchisees follow a certain business structure, they still have freedom and control to run their business independently within the established framework. This mix of structure and autonomy is appealing to those who aspire to run their own businesses while also enjoying the advantages of receiving training, ongoing support, and resources.


Franchising offers a compelling path to owning a business combining the benefits of a proven business model with an established brand and endless resources. For aspiring business owners, franchising provides a tried-and true route to success. This is a worthwhile option to consider when embarking on the journey of becoming a business owner.  

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Sam The Concrete Man is the national leader for residential and commercial concrete services. With 30+ years of experience in the concrete industry, we have pioneered a business model that works for each of our 70+ locations across the United States. When you are a part of the franchising family, you are offered endless support and a work/life balance that every business owner strives for. Give back to your community one concrete job at a time.   

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