The Importance of Technology for Franchise Growth

The Importance of Technology for Franchise Growth

Written By: Lindsey Vandenberg | Digital Marketing Specialist | Updated December 2023

Sam The Concrete Man is a well-known residential and commercial concrete company with 80+ locations across the US! In 1989 we started helping homeowners with their residential concrete needs. After helping thousands of customers, in 2019 Sam The Concrete Man became a concrete franchise. We saw the opportunity in this industry and quickly became the #1 concrete franchise in North America. We would not have been able to grow this much if it wasn’t for the use of technology. It has changed the way we are able to market our company to potential new business owners and allows us to easily spread brand awareness to a large audience.


The use of online analytical tools provides valuable insights into how users interact with our online assets and marketing campaigns. This will help us create a niche target audience so we can create in-depth marketing campaigns that will result in higher customer engagement and in turn, increase the number of franchise locations. Not only are we marketing for franchise development, but for each individual location as well. The more we grow the more important it is to have resources that we can use that create an efficient and reliable process for accurately marketing to customers and potential new business owners.


Which Digital Platforms Are Used?

There is a mass amount of online platforms that Sam The Concrete Man uses for marketing. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Rallio, HubSpot, and Semrush are the six components behind our marketing strategies. All of these are used daily to help us analyze and stay up to date with marketing trends specific to the concrete industry.


Semrush is a unique platform that gives us all the resources under one roof for effective advertising so we can boost franchise visibility with the help of their local SEO and listing management tools. This easy-to-use platform is necessary to use for the continuation of franchise growth. Read more about how Sam The Concrete Man uses Semrush in their latest case study story.


Own a Franchise with Sam The Concrete Man  

Sam The Concrete Man is the national leader for residential and commercial concrete services. With 30+ years of experience in the concrete industry, we have pioneered a business model that works for each of our 80+ locations across the United States. When you are a part of the franchising family, you are offered endless support and a work/life balance that every business owner strives for. Give back to your community one concrete job at a time.   

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