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Sam The Concrete Man is a family of concrete franchises all across the US. After 30+ years of quality services we continue to exceed customer expectations through our craftsmanship and dedication. Our brand is recognized nationally due to our franchisees enthusiasm and hard work. 

Read what some of our owners have to say about being apart of the Sam The Concrete Man franchise business!

Hear From Our Franchisees

"I've never had experience in concrete, but I was able to gain the knowledge I needed to eliminate all the fears that I had. If you're willing to put in the time and energy into a company, there's not a better one in the US who can help you get started. They have the tools and processes to help you be successful." - Scott Condict 

Scott and Danna Condict

Sam The Concrete Man Oklahoma City

"The hands on training was great for someone who knew nothing about concrete. I felt confident to start estimates within a week, and if I needed help I would easily call someone up. The support doesn't stop after your training week, they are always there to help you." 

Jordan Troxel

Sam The Concrete Man Raleigh

Jordan Troxel

"My background is in commercial concrete. I worked in it for 28 years and was tired of the chaos. I came across an ad for a project manager job posting and ended up opening my own franchise instead. I have never looked back and appreciate being apart of the 'Sam' family."

Gabe Simpson

Sam The Concrete Man Columbus

Gabe Simpson

"I'd been in construction for 20 years and got tired of not being able to pay our bills. I found a job posting for Todd online and worked for him and watched Sam The Concrete Man grow for 3 years. I was then offered to buy a franchise location in Cincinnati and it was a no brainer."

Chavis Kerby

Sam The Concrete Man Cincinnati

"As the only national concrete provider of concrete services, Sam The Concrete Man is positioned to establish market dominance."

Colette Bell

VP Franchise Development | Ace Handyman Services

Become a Franchise Owner Today!

    Extensive Support


    Not a marketing expert? Don’t worry! The marketing team provides quality advertising and brand building services taylored to your specific location. From creating unique ads and websites to working with you on reviews and social media posts, our marketing team is here to help you throughout your whole journey as a franchise owner. 


    Enjoy comprehensive and ongoing sales training, plus monthly calls with a coach who will provide guidance to help get you started. You don’t need to be an expert in concrete, you will be given extensive training on all the componenets you need to create a successful business. 

    Contact Center

    Our project coordinators create your weekly estimate schedule so you don’t have to! They reach out to potential new customers via phone, email, and text to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to book them. With the help of your own project coordinator, you are able to improve other aspects of your business while knowing your work schdule is handled for you. 

    Why Did You Choose to Franchise with Sam The Concrete Man?

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    Training and Support

    Sam The Concrete Man provides one week of in depth training for every new owner. Whether you have experience in concrete or not, you will walk away with the knowledge you need for your first week of estimates! Our team is here to help you throughout your whole journey and we are excited to welcome you into the Concrete Franchise Family. 

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